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Top quality, name brands on big sale at Tuesday Morning every day and all these adorable beach towels and mats are no exception. IĀ adore this fringe edged striped towels and proudly own three.




These polka dot beach mats are fun to use, easy to care for and a great space saver with their roll up, tie up feature – also a Tuesday Morning special at discounted prices.




Again, discounts on gorgeous name brands, this time Laura Ashely. This super sweet, over sized beach towel comes with a swim suit sack to keep the rest of your beach bag gear dry. These I found at Stein Mart at nearly 15% off.

With light pastel colors for you and your daughters and stylish navy blue with the timeless paisley pattern for your hubby and sons, you will have all your this year, new beach towels needs met in one trip.


Finally, for those of us Mamas who love the most inexpensive option without sacrificing any of the cuteness factor, Sam’s Club comes through for us.




The seahorse print and the pretty purple and pink towels are oversized, Members Mark brand and just $9.98 each.


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  • Reply Suzanna Buell

    Tuesday Morning is a great search for a bargain store! They have a ton of stuff at reasonable prices! Must go if you’ve never been.

    August 3, 2016 at 4:11 am
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