Ordered This Cake and Ate It Too Thanks to My Mophie


It is not very often that I get to have a leisurely lunch with my BFF. She, in addition to being the best best friend in the world, is Mom of three, Step Mom of five, a real estate agent, a beautician, a Soccer Mom to an elite player who travels extensively, and an active member of her church. So when we are able to plan a couple hours for a lunch get together, it is usually for my birthday or hers. I know you Mamas know this well, always difficult to make time to do things that are just for you.




We were just seated and perusing the menu when my friend got a real estate call and immediately looked distressed. “My phone is dying,” she mouthed and got up to leave – important call and I guessed she was going to have to go out to her car and try to revive her phone. Sadly, I picked up my purse to join her and reached in for some lip gloss (my favorite Pure Illumination – given to me by none other than my BFF because she can shop beauty supply but seriously order this gloss online – the link is to Amazon where you can purchase – it has a mirror on the side AND it lights up so you apply perfectly!) and see my Mophie.

I stop my friend, whisper that I can charge her phone and back she sits with a big smile. We return to the menu, Mophie portable phone charger extraordinaire doing its job, and me ordering for both of us.




My BFF wraps up her business, food comes, lunch saved. Okay, I ordered us breakfast because that is what I do but, yum and yum. The main thing is that we can talk and laugh and enjoy and that a dying cell phone needed for one work call didn’t derail our coveted and infrequent quality time together.




And after breakfast, chocolate cake. And with a cherry on top. Just what the birthday girl ordered.

Special thank you to Verizon for sharing the much used and loved Mophie with me. Click here to find a Mophie that is right for your family.

Aug 12, 2016


Katrina Sherk