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Love Up Local at Fall Festival

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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Certified Local Fall Festival

The 12th annual Certified Local Fall Festival presented by Local First Arizona is a free family-friendly event for all ages and an annual celebration of all things local to Arizona. The Festival highlights everything that Arizona has to offer, from one-of-a-kind local shops, Read more…

November 1, 2016

A Delicious Cup of Autumn

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McDonalds Pumpkin Spice Latte 2016


From our delightful Active Mom winners


Oh my goodness!!!! Thanks soo much!!! ❤️ I’m so excited!!! 😎😊😍 Yay on the Pumpkin spice latte!! ☕️🎃     – Stephanie S.


Wow, how awesome is this! Thank you so much! I never expect to win any of the giveaways I enter, yay!  Yes, it’s about time it started to cool off! Out on our walk today for the first time we wore a light jacket and a beanie for my little guy. It was beautiful out!     – Amber W.

October 19, 2016